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morros park

Technical Sheet

Technical Sheet of the Property - morros park Condominium

Location Serena del Mar, Sector Manzanillo del Mar - morros park
Number of Apartments 245 aparments
Number of Floors 6 levels
Apartment Areas From 561.8 ft2 to 1926.4 ft2
Start of Construction Pre-sale
Delivery Date Delivery approx - June 2026
Builder's Trust Trust Alliance
Builder Epic Constructora S.A.S. + Novus Civitas
Design Fernando de la Vega
morros park

When talking about appreciation we refer to the increase in the value of the property for one or more reasons compared to its value at the time of buying it, thus providing benefits for the buyer if he is planning to sell it in the future. If you want your investment to grow and obtain greater profits in the future you must take into account the following:

  • Location and environment. The property must be in a safe, growing area, both residential and commercial-convenient development, and have good access roads. The value will also be linked to the services offered by the area: developments that are projected around the property, roads, access to public transport, commerce, schools, universities, green areas and recreational spaces.
  • Commitment to the environment. In order to improve the quality of life of people, make them participants in the care of the environment and generate a connection between them and nature, there are more and more sustainable projects and these are valued by buyers.
  • Common areas. If the property is part of a residential complex, the common areas and amenities it offers will make a difference. It impacts on the price of housing, especially that there are spaces for each member of the family, from recreation rooms for children to parks for pets.
  • Buy before or during construction. In addition to being a safe investment, the appreciation will be greater than if the property is bought when it is already built. The reason is that the price increases from the moment of purchase until the project materializes.
  • Orientation. Receiving more light, having better ventilation, perceiving less noise or having better views, all are more valued and therefore more expensive elements.
  • Antiquity. Considering that older homes are likely to require major repairs or remodeling, modern buildings with few years of construction have a significant impact on appreciation.
  • New city concepts. Large developments are projects that are valued more than buildings or residential complexes because they offer to meet all the needs of the resident and link, for the most part, all the factors mentioned above. The real estate market, like all others, is governed by supply and demand, and these types of projects generate particular attention for their future potential. Those who invest from the beginning gain the appreciation of the new stages that follow their purchase and those who do so later, in their final stages, will also receive an important return when the project is fully executed.